Wrong gate, grandma, watered down coffee and skunks


Having only gotten four hours of sleep, we left the Touzeau house around 4:30 this morning. Thanks a lot to Alisa’s dad for waking up super early to take us to the airport. The lack of sleep must have really taken it’s toll on us because we sat at the wrong gate. We sat there for a long time not realizing that our flight was about to take off. Over the intercom, I heard some one say that there was a last call for me and Alisa. We realized that we were at the wrong gate, and we made it to the correct one just before they closed the door. We ended up flying in a small propeller plane to Sacramento. 


     After picking up our rental car, we had an hour drive ahead of us while still being dead tired. Alisa drove for about 35 minutes then pulled off the highway to switch drivers. We were very excited that we took this particular exit because there was a sign that said “Espresso Cafe”. When I entered the store, I could have sworn that I went into the wrong building because I could not find anything that resembled a coffee shop. I exited the building and took a lap around it. Not finding another coffee shop, I went back inside and discovered that their “Espresso Cafe” was a mocha machine that had a lever which let you add different type of flavoring to your…well…I’m not sue what it was but it wasn’t espresso. I decided to take the lesser of two evils and pick up a cup of watered down coffee instead of what would have come out of the mystery machine.


After another half an hour driving, we arrived I’m Stockton where we spent most of the day hanging out with Alisa’s grandmother. We got to see a lot of pictures, take a brief nap, and work on a jigsaw puzzle. The coffee was much better there than at the “Espresso Cafe”.
We got back to Sacramento with time to spare till our flight so we decided to explore the downtown area. We happened upon “Old Sacramento” which is a whole section of downtown styled like the old west, down to the wooden sidewalks. We stopped at the sweet shop and walked along the river and train tracks which had old trains parked on display. We were excited to see a juvenile skunk running across the street and snapped a photo. Then we saw another getting a snack under a picnic table about 15 ft away from us. We didn’t get a photo of that one, though, because Alisa suddenly noticed another one scurrying not 5 ft away from us! So we ran away.


Alisa in her natural habitat

So here we are at the Sacramento Airport thankfully not smelling like skunk–waiting for a 12:30am flight to San Antonio. I’m sure tomorrow we will spend most of the day recovering from another rough night.



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