Tell me when to stop jumping… please… ok just record me then.

Today was a really slow day for me and Alisa. I managed to wake up a little early and get in a small workout while Alisa slept in most of the morning. I don’t blame her though because we were pretty social last night and that tends to drain both of us. We spent most of the morning and afternoon reading and talking with my mother. Tommy, my parents´ dog, had to go get his booster shots and was groggy almost the entire afternoon (you can tell how exciting a day it was). Around 5pm, my brother arrived and we sat around and chatted for quite some time until we headed out toward some place called the Main Event.

On the way, we decided to stop to see our old friend Chris. I felt kinda bad because we didn’t warn him till we were pulling up to his driveway. When we showed up, you could tell that they were not prepared for company. However, it was good to see them both and their kids. We had some small talk and decided to leave them in peace so they could enjoy the rest of their evening.

This is what made a fool out of me

Now, the Main Event is an odd place. In Portland, we have arcades, bowling alleys, laser tag, and restaurants, but we don’t have them all under the same roof. It took me a little while to take in what I was looking at. After we got a quick bite to eat, we decided that we wanted to get a pass that would allow us to try a little of everything. The lady at the register told us that we pretty much would not have any time because the wait for everything was over an hour and a half. As we were about to leave the building, we decided just to stay and enjoy the arcade. They had some pretty fun games and a roller coaster simulator that was pretty impressive (I actually went on it two times). In the end, it was me who was the center of the jokes this evening because apparently I had my first “old man” moment. You see, there is this interactive game called the Jumping Jackpot. It works kind of like a jump rope except it uses a light to simulate the rope. I

I just realized what happened 

put my money in the machine and the game started. I had no idea that that I had made a mistake and the game was over. So naturally, I kept jumping. This must have gone on for close to a minute. I don’t know whats worse–my brother, his wife, and Alisa standing there watching me or the fact that I thought I was doing really good the whole time. Nobody told me the game was over however, they were nice enough to videotape me. (I attached a video at the bottom of this page) note how my brother just stands there watching me and says nothing.
After the night was over, we managed to win a few prizes and all in all it was a great time.

Before the What-a-Gurggles

On the way home, Alisa said that she really wanted to try a What-a-burger, so we pulled off the highway and had some late night junk food. Normally, I avoid fast food, but since we are on vacation I thought it would be nice to be a little nostalgic. Alisa had some odd sandwich with white bread, american cheese, bacon and beef. It was interesting to say the least. My brother and I both had a what-a-burger with cheese. Honestly, I think it had been nearly 18 years since I last had one of those, and it was pretty much like I remembered.
Now that we are back to our home away from home, I am glad that we had a nice relaxing day. We have two more weeks here in San Antonio before we head to N.C. and a lot of friends and family to go and visit. We are going to spend the next few days with my parents and Gus and Cherine here before heading up to Austin and visiting my brothers and sister.

before leaving
games of chance

all this for 30 dollars
roller coaster simulator

One thought on “Tell me when to stop jumping… please… ok just record me then.

  1. Art– hahaha! I like your pleased expression– “wow! I never jump-roped this good as a kid!” Alisa: with that kind of an investment those dinosaurs should be inducted in as constant travel companions. I'm expecting a picture of one on a Mayan ruin!


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