Mellow day but good

it speaks for itself
We had a fun time yesterday with my parents. It was so great, that by 8 o´clock I was asleep. We started our 
“Alisa needs more sun”

day at The Spings where we were greeted by a lot of the people that we hung out with on the Fourth of July (It´s a great place with a lot of good people who make you feel very welcome). While we were there, I had my picture taken with George an old friend from high school. I ran into him a few days ago; it´s not very often that I run into someone I knew from high school. Come to think of it, this is actually the second time it’s ever happened now. George used to live down the street from us, and when Alisa and I took our walk a few days ago, I had noticed that his father’s blue Bug was still parked in the driveway. It was nice seeing him and meeting his wife.
While we were there, Nancy suggested that Alisa needed more sun, so we took her advice. After church, we had lunch and headed down to a local flea market. I’m not quite sure how to describe it other than it’s huge. It seems to me that one would need a couple of days to really appreciate how


big it is. We were in the sun almost the whole time, and I have to admit that the sun down here really drains your stamina. Alisa got into the spirit by drinking a raspa and eating some greasy roasted corn and wore shorts to work on her tan. I got into the spirit by buying a Spurs beach towel. 

after half and hour, we got the point
After walking around the market for nearly three hours (off and on in the hot sun). We headed to the theater to see the Tom Cruz movie “Edge of Tomorrow.” I discovered that Texans are pretty serious about not using cell phones in theaters. So serious that we had to look at the please silence your cell phone screen for nearly half and hour with no music before the show started. I enjoyed the movie, but it seems to me that these days every Tom Cruz movie kinda feels like a Scientology orientation video. Well, that was pretty much our day. Nothing too crazy–just time with the family. 
Typical Texas BBQ pit
at the flea market

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