Austin Part 2

I woke early this this morning and did a quick google search to find a place that had wifi access. I found a little coffee place about an eight minutes drive from here. As I was getting myself ready to head out the door, Lucas woke up and I asked him if he wanted to come with me.The reason I needed a coffee shop was that at my fathers house here in Jonestown there is no internet and I meet mon-fri with my tutor over Skype. The coffee shop we found was a cute little place in Lago Vista, the next town over. I’m not sure this is normal but as I was talking to my tutor I was surrounded by cats. They were walking in-between my legs and all around me.

Once we got Alisa out of bed and filled her with greasy tacos we decided to head out to Barton Springs. This place is truly amazing. This is the best way I can describe it. It is a swimming pool built on top of a natural spring.  From the outside, it looks like a normal pool, however the water looks more like river water. When you look into it you can see rocks and plant life inside. If you walk around in the shallow area you feel the mud and plants in-between your toes. As the water comes up out of the earth it passes through the pool area and filters out to form a river on the other side. While you swim, you constantly have fresh clean water. I should also mention that the water is extremely cold. The first time you jump in it hits you like a freight train. Thankfully, it’s so warm here that it’s a welcome experience. Once we all

got the courage to jump in the water, we sam across it. Its pretty long swim from one side to the other. It’s an odd experience; although you know its a pool, it feels like you are crossing a body of water and the fear of things down below start to set in. Alisa got pretty cold after a while so Lucas and I decided to jump into the water with the waterproof camera and try to take some cool footage. We also headed to go off the diving board and we must have jumped off it for at least and hour. I kept trying to do a flip and a dive (or one and a half), but I never managed to extend my arms going in. Toward the end, we were able to get Alisa to jump off the diving board a few times. So far on our trip this has been one of the most unique experiences, and we are so glad that we went.

I have attached videos at the bottom.

We were invited that evening to have dinner with my stepmother Carolina.  We went out to a brew-pub called Double Horn Brewing Company and got to spend time with my brother Alex, sister Fran, and my nieces Jade and Harley. Alisa ordered an Austin micro brew and a bison burger while I had a steak salad. We had a great time sitting around and looking back on the years that had gone by. We shared some embarrassing stories about each other and had some laughs. After dinner, we walked across the street to a place called Bluebonnets for pie. Oh I forgot to mention, we went out to a really small town called Marble Falls which I think is about 40 miles outside of Austin. Once we entered the diner, I realized where all the locals hang out.  The ratio of people to overalls was about equal in there, and I got more than a few odd stares. However, that doesn’t matter cause the pie was amazing. Alisa had pecan pie with Ice cream and I had a peanut butter pie. All of us got a chance to try each other’s pies and by the end of it all I was ready for a nap. When it was all over we snapped a group picture and said our good byes. It was great seeing Carolina, Fran and Alex. I think in the past 18 years I have only seen them about two or three times. I think Alisa and I need to head up to Austin more often.


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