Savanah The Cat

Mom and Savanah
Alisa in her element

We had a pretty eventful day today. First, my parents took us out to eat where we talked for a bit and enjoyed a great meal. We decided to head down to the Humane Society because my mother had wanted a cat for a while now but had not found one that she liked. I have to say that the Humane Society here in San Antonio is amazing. It seems to me that they are very organized and really care for the many animals that pass through there. We had a great time looking at all the different cats, and I think Alisa and I would have really liked to have taken one home. There were three big glass rooms with two of them filled with three to four cats each. The third room had a big fat black cat that weighed 27 pounds. He was so fat that he couldn’t fit into any of the hiding places, so he hid in his covered litter box. As we returned to the second room, Savanah stood up and walked toward the glass door. The lady working there let us in the room, and this cat was so loving. Out of all the cats there, she was the only one that came up to us. My mom was so happy that Savanah came to her she made up her mind at that moment to take her home. We looked at a few other cats and

somebody had to test the
 different cats

even got a chance to meet Milo the tabby. Although he was very friendly, he wasn’t as fearless as Savanah. We spent a good twenty minuets with her, and she was so excited to be with us. After filling out all the paperwork, we were off with a new cat in a cardboard carrying box. Now that she is home, she has calmed down a bit, and it’s obvious that she will have no problems adjusting to life here with my parents and their dog. Of course, Alisa and I volunteered our room to help the cat adjust to the environment here. Savanah spent the night sleeping in-between me and Alisa. About 3:30 in the morning I felt claws in my back and as I woke I realized that Savanah was kneading me. Despite losing some sleep I’m glad that my mom found a cat that she really likes, and I hope that everything goes well here with Savanah the cat and the rest of the Campos family.
We spent the rest of the evening by going to a bible study with my parents then heading down to the movies to watch Planet of the Apes in 3D. I really liked it however it seems to me that they really changed the lore of the move. It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m sure there are a lot of nerds out there that will be pulling their hair out soon.

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