Leaving Texas a with few more memories and a few more pounds

The past few weeks have gone by so quick I can hardly believe it. We had a great time here visiting

family and friends. We are especially thankful to my parents who let us use their house and their car the whole time we were here. We are sad, however, that we didn’t get to spend very much time with my brother Gus and Cherine however the time we did get to spend with them was worth the trip. We also had a great time just hanging around with my parents. Living so far away, it’s something we never get to do. It’s great seeing how everyone has changed and how the city itself has changed over the last 18 years. I’m glad that my parents are in a spot where they are comfortable and they are attending a church where they feel welcome and are strong in their beliefs. I’m glad that my brother and his wife were able to close on a brand new house and live close to my parents. I’m really happy that my brother Lucas is halfway done with his undergraduate degree and hasn’t made bone head mistakes in life like I have. I’m happy that we got to spend at least a little time with family up in Austin and share a few hours laughing over old memories. We are also glad to spend time with the Pantoja family, the San Antonio Assembly and those at The Springs. I’m sorry to those who we didn’t get a chance to visit and to those who we planed on visiting, but it didn’t work out. Hopefully the next time we pass through here we can visit everyone.

As we continue our trip to North Carolina, I will miss my mother most of all whom I know will really

be the most sad. I hope that through all the hard work I have done these past years and now working at the University and pursuing my masters degree that these accomplishments will make her proud of me.

We would like to thank those whom we forgot who made us feel welcome here in San Antonio and Austin. Thank you so much for the tours around town and the great company. Thanks also to all the awesome Tex Mex foods here! I never thought it was possible to be burnt out of it.

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