A slower day with a hair cut

We were both pretty tired when we awoke this morning. After showering and heading down the stairs, breakfast was waiting for us. Today we had five different types of fruits with a corn flakes. Corn flakes here and in the U.S. are two different things. What we had was more like coco crispies. Oh yeah, they use hot milk with their cereal instead of cold. It was a little odd, but that didn’t stop me and Alisa from eating and enjoying it. After breakfast, we were still tired. We excused ourselves from the table an went back to bed. I think we must have slept for another three hours.

After we woke up, I asked Hugo if he knew a place where I could get a hair cut, and he recommended his friend victor down the street. I wasn’t in the mood to negotiate today, so I asked Hugo if he could help me out. He walked us down the the shop and introduced me. I sat there waiting for my turn and trying to figure out how to explain in Spanish how I wanted my hair cut. Before I sat on the chair, I noticed that there was a picture of a guy with a similar hair cut that I usually get a Super Cuts (thats right! I get my hair cut there). I pointed the the picture and explained as best as I could that I wanted it like his, but I wanted to keep my sideburns. The guy was quick. He cut my hair a little shorter that I usually like it. It was an interesting experience, and I’m glad I did it.

Since it was past one in the afternoon, we decided to just go out and have a nice meal then some coffee and just relax. Since we got here, all we’ve been doing is walk around nonstop. A few days ago, I noticed that there was a Mexican restaurant down the street from the central park. I really like Mexican food, so I suggested to Alisa that we should try it out. It was actually really good, but really different from the food we have back home. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick American Mexican food. We have this joke going between us that whenever I’m asked where I want to eat I always suggest Mexican and being in Guatemala makes no difference. The only bad part about the restaurant is that it’s located in a touristy area and the prices are a little steep. The meal cost us about the same as a meal in the U.S. and thats way too much. We decided that we would try not to pay more than Q30 for each plate ($3.90)

From there we headed out in search of a new coffee shop. We found a really small one down the street and ordered a few Lattes. On my way to the bath room, I noticed that there were stairs leading up, so I walked up then and discovered that they lead to an amazing roof seating area. I came down and grabbed Alisa, and we were able to enjoy the afternoon drinking our coffee and relaxing in the cool Guatemalan afternoon. I think we will be back.

On the roof of the coffee shop

After consulting our guide book, we decided to head down to the Chocomuseo. It’s a chocolate store with a museum and for Q170 you can attend a two hour class to learn how to make your own chocolate. We stayed in the museum part for quite sometime and read a lot of the information boards then headed into the tasting area and tried chocolate tea, spicy chocolate milk, chocolate brewed coffee, and of course different types of chocolate candy. We decided that we needed to buy some different teas and coffee back home, but we decided to wait till our return date gets closer. When we left, we walked around to a few different shops and a local artisan market set up in the central park. We bought a few trinkets before deciding we should call it a night and head home. We headed toward the chicken buses and stopped to watch a street performance for a few minuets till the mosquitos started eating us. We caught the bus as it was about to leave the station, so we had an opportunity to be the ones standing and squashed in the walk way. All in all, it was a great day, and I’m glad we took some time to relax a bit.

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