A very typical flight

Spanish Translation


One day before leaving: June 17th

To prepare for this trip I decided to buy new backpacks. Previously, we used 65 liter backpacks but this time we have decided to use 35 liters. We decided to do this because, typically, when we return from our trips we tend to acquire a lot of things that we don’t really want or need. This time, instead of carrying all of our purchases with us, we have decided to ship them back to the US before moving to our next destination. It will be a little more expensive, but my back will thank me for it. I have attached several photos of the backpacks that we are going to use. I’m pretty excited to try it; I am not sure how it’s going to work, but it should be interesting. 

Due to the size being about half of our previous ones, we are going to have to limit the amount of clothing that we can carry with us. As a result, I am only going to carry two pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, and four T-shirts. Of course, I will take socks and boxers as well. Although I am not taking a lot, there is not a lot of space to fit anything more.

In addition to the new bags, I have acquired several devices to improve our videos. I bought a gimble to stabilize the image and various lenses for our phones from a company called Moment. The lenses are interesting because they attach to the camera on our phones using the phone cases. We acquired three types of lenses: A wide angle, a telephoto, and a macro.  

Our Plane leaves Monday (June 18th) at 3:45 in the afternoon. We are going to fly to San Antonio and we will stay there for 10 days. I don’t think we are going to write a lot while we are there unless there is something really interesting to note.


The day of the Flight: June 18th

Today we leave for San Antonio, Texas. There were not a lot of problems packing. Well, there was one. Alisa and I had to get vaccinated for our trip to Bolivia. Part of the visa application requires us to have a yellow card which proves that we officially received the vaccination. Along with this card, we will need our passport, and extra passport size photo, 160 dollars cash, a copy of our itinerary, and the address where we are going to stay during our trip. It’s a lot but it is what they require. Anyways, 2 or 3 hours before we had to leave for the airport, Alisa realized that she lost her card. She searched all over the house but could not find it. We didn’t want to return to the clinic because it is on the other side of town. Therefore, she decided to call the clinic to see if she could visit one that was close, that doesn’t offer the same vaccination, to get a new card. Thankfully, she was able to do so. 

Because it is our fifth time traveling in total, it was pretty easy to pack and get everything ready well before we headed to the airport. 

While we were at the airport, we decided to record some videos while we walked. We had a layover in Phoenix, Arizona where we only had about 30 minutes before we took off again. 

We landed in San Antonio at 11 in the evening. When we exited the plane, we recoded a quick video for our vlog, but we still have to record a lot more to have a full video. While we are here, we plan on recording but not as much as when we will in South America. As a result, I don’t think we are going to upload a lot of videos from our trip to texas. 

Alisa and I were hungry when we arrived so my father took us to What-a-Burger; it is a fast food restaurant that is really popular here.  After eating, we arrived at my brother’s house where we fell asleep with full stomachs. 

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