First Day in Mexico City

We woke up this morning around 5:50 to head out to the airport. The previous night we stayed up till about midnight packing our clothing and watching YouTube. I kind of regretted that today, but hey what can I do? Mario stopped by and gave us a ride to the airport where we said our final goodbyes and we checked in to our airline InterJet. It was the first time that I have taking a flight with them, and I have to admit that the experience was pretty nice. The check-in was smooth, we loaded on the plane quickly, there was plenty of leg room, and I actually slept during a portion of the 2 hour flight.


We landed around noon in Mexico City, and we were excited to be here again. It was kind of an odd feeling because it has only been just over a year since we were exiting this airport; It felt like we never left. We already knew how to navigate through the airport and use the subway system. The first time we tried to exit the airport we were so confused and it took us forever to get to our AirBnB. This time, however, we came prepared with our Metro cards to take the subway; it was pan comido. Before we headed out, we stopped at a coffee shop!


In route to our AirBnB we found a great little market where we bought some salsa and liquor (for our return party!).

Put a video here:

Currently we are staying in a small AirBnB outside of a nice part of the city called La Condesa. The area is really nice and there are a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants down every city street. There are a lot of things to see and parks to walk through. Our room is asmall with a television, full size bed and a closet. There is another room next to ours where another guest is staying, but we have yet to see who it is. The odd thing is that most of where we are staying is outdoors. The communing area is completely outside. We have to go outside to shower. The kitchen is a little hut that is open to the city. Currently it is raining and I am in the kitchen writing this entry in the open air. It’s great!

After getting settled in, we decided to go for a walk and find out what little secrets surrounded us. We were impressed with all the parks in the area. The crazy architecture really brings this city to life and gives it a lot of personality. The weather was amazing. It was cool most of the day and right now it is a nice 60 degrees. We stopped for about 20 minutes at a small fountain where we were greeted with a big dog splashing around and having a great time. We took some time to sit on a bench and just enjoy the environment around us. Since I finished the graduate program at PSU, I think this is the first time that I actually felt relaxed.


We passed by a small restaurant that looked like it served healthy food, and we were surprised to discover that it was actually a health grocery store–imagine a really tiny Whole Foods about the size a master bed room. We decided that we would save a lot of money if we cooked breakfast and dinner in our cabana kitchen, and saved eating out for the afternoon. We picked up a whole bunch of organic groceries and a couple of other goodies for only 25 dollars. I think in the U.S. we probably would have paid more like 50 or 60 for the same thing.


After our walk, we cooked dinner together and enjoyed a nice quiet meal together. I have to admit, it was the first time I cooked a meal on the roof of a building on a hot plate in a city with more than 20 million people. I love Mexico City.

Tomorrow we are going to return to Chapultepec Castle and hopefully take some great videos.

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