To Peru

reading the paper in route to peru

We left our AirBnB just before 7 in the morning. I was hoping to get out a little earlier, but I over slept about half an hour. We packed our bags then did a quick sweep around the room to make sure that we were not leaving anything important behind. The trip to the airport went smoothly. Although it was crowded, it was not as crowded as the trains that were going the opposite direction from us.

We got to the airport just before 8am. We had a hard time tracking down our gate because of the layout of the airport. Why? Well almost every airport I have  visited generally has a similar layout. When you enter you have two options: Departure or arrivals. Depending on when one you need, you end up at a separate location. Here the departures and the arrivals are at the same place. That means that it can get really crowded. In addition, the check-in areas are not all in the same place. Some airlines checkin on the first floor, others on the second floor, and they are not all in the same general area.

We found our airline to check-in, and there were a lot of people waiting in line. We only had about an hour and a half before our flight was scheduled to leave and there was no way we were going to get through the line in time. I looked at the screens carefully and realized that the huge line was for the travelers headed to Cuba. Once I was able to adjust to my surroundings, I noticed that if someone was headed to Perú , they could go into a shorter line; we ran for that one. Even though the line was significantly shorter, we still waited over an hour to get through it. We got our tickets and were through security in no time. Well, except that there was still some water in the bottle hanging on Alisa’s bag but nowhere to pour it out so they they told her that she had to drink it all right there, which she did, holding up the line for a few minutes. By the time we made it to our gate (which was on the other side of the airport) we were ready to board. We decided to grab some quick airport sandwiches and coffee which ended up costing us over 600 pesos (ouch). That comes to about 30 dollar which is not that expensive for an airport, but In Mexico that is a lot of money.

It was a five and a half hour long flight. Thankfully Alisa and I were able to sleep for about two hours. We woke just as the flight attendant offered us a cup of coffee. The flight also came with a complementary meal—something I don’t think I have ever had— a simple sandwich of cheese and lettuce.

We arrived in Lima around 3:30. The airport was calm and we got through customs without any problems. It was actually a lot easier to get into Peru than Mexico. Our last several trips to Latin America we had to fill out a customs form and declare anything required, however, we did not have to do anything to get in. I was a little upset because we left rice and oatmeal behind. Oh well…

Since we didn’t know the area, we decided to have a driver take us to our new AirBnB. It only cost about 20 dollars for the 40 minute ride. We are actually not very far from the airport it’s just that the traffic was really bad. It was the first time in our trip since we had been in a car, and I quickly remembered how crazy the traffic can be. The road we were on had about four lanes but the cars drove as if there were six. Our driver was really nice and gave us a the dime tour as we weaved in and out of traffic. There was honking and caos the entire time. We arrived at our new place without any incident and the driver gave us his contact information if we needed a ride anywhere else in the city.

Our check in went smoothly this time and we were given the keys to our Apt. on the top floor of a building right next to the beach. It’s winter here now so there is not a lot of traffic and it is really cloudy, but we don’t mind too much. We are about 4 miles away from Miraflores which is one of the nicer areas in lima. We are going to explore that part of the city tomorrow, but at the time of writing this entry it is starting to get dark–and not knowing the area, I don’t feel too comfortable roaming around the streets. We still don’t have cell or data service, so that is something we will have to take care of in the morning. We found a hamburger cafe behind us and we ate 2 burgers with fries that were amazing.

We called it a night early.

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